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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Beyond understanding social media marketing, there is need to know the benefits of shifting businesses online. For most business owners used to traditional marketing, there remains a certain degree of reluctance to view social media as a market place. However, it is important to note that social media is not only a popular form of marketing but is also very convenient and cost friendly.

In response to the question of why we should use social media marketing channels for our businesses, I learned that there are immense benefits of doing so, as shown below.

Social media platforms can help your business with different marketing and conversion goals, such as:

  1. Building brand awareness. Posting on social media allows your brand to stay current in people’s feeds. It increases your brand’s discoverability by making information about your products or services more accessible to anyone who’s browsing—they’re actively looking for your brand or casually scrolling.
  2. Share updates. Keep people up to date with the latest happenings with your company through social media. Each time you hit a new milestone, launch a new product, win a new award, or participate in an event, you can let people know by posting about it.
  3. Connecting with customers. Social media gives you the power to talk to your customers directly. Customers can start a dialogue with you on social media, which you can leverage to get honest feedback and build a community.
  4. Strengthening your SEO. While social media has an indirect impact on SEO, it has an impact nonetheless. Search engines use your social media platforms to help determine your E.A.T. (expertise, authority, and trust). Brands with strong E.A.T. are more likely to rank higher in search results.
  5. Growing your email list. You can leverage social media to grow your other market channels, like your email list. Continue sending customers further down the funnel by promoting your email list on social media.
  6. Grow website traffic. Social media can help you get more visits to your website. You can link to relevant web pages in your posts so people can easily discover and access your site from your social channels.
  7. Increase revenue. Social media presents many opportunities to boost sales. Some channels let you link to your products directly in each post, while others have shopping capabilities built-in.
  8. Providing excellent customer service. 35% of consumers have turned to social media to report customer service issues. You can turn wrongs into rights very quickly and easily by responding to customer questions.
  9. Leverage social proof. 55% of customers have praised a business over social media. Ask customers for social proof via social media, or use comments they’ve left on your posts or in your direct messages as social proof on your website and other marketing materials.

There are countless opportunities and benefits for your business online and I wish I had known this earlier. I can’t believe that I have been missing out on so much and yet the information is readily available. I therefore take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate Prism Marketing ltd for opening my eyes to opportunities I had never recognized. Should you like to know anything about marketing, sales or business development, contact them on and 0772957990.