Creative Content Development

Creative Content Development

Creative Content Development

To cut through the noise and capture a customers’ attention in a competitive market requires carefully crafted content to fit all the different platforms and avenues. Prism’s team of talented writers, designers, and editors create engaging content across various channels from radio and TV  to social media and print.


Compelling copy is the bedrock of communication, advertising campaigns, or marketing pieces. We combine a strong understanding of your business’s competitive advantage and your target audience’s behavioral patterns to curate intentional storytelling that evokes an emotional connection to your brand.

Branding & Graphic Design

A distinct brand identity is key in attaining brand recognition and loyalty. Through the visual appeal, we represent your brand in the most spectacular way that connects with your customers.  We design logos, posters, profiles, collateral and print, edit videos and typography content.

Photography & Videography

Using our photography and videography services, we can quickly modify the image of your brand. To communicate to your target audience, we focus on unforgettable emotional storytelling to tell the tale about your brand, services, and products. With great capability, we handle all aspects of production, from development to direction and execution.

Multimedia Presentations

Nothing puts a crowd to sleep faster than a dull PowerPoint presentation. People are already nodding off after only two slides. It makes no difference if you spent weeks polishing your PowerPoint presentation if your audience is not engaged.

We at Prism Marketing are a total lead generation firm that provides all of the skills required for an effective custom PowerPoint presentation, including strategy, content development, and graphic design. Because of our unrivaled ability to make complex subjects compelling to get your audience attentive and help you close business, let us get your message across in a precise, visually engaging manner.

Social Media Content

Social media graphics design is an important component of an overall content strategy in social media marketing (SMM). No matter how good the text is, no one will notice it unless it is accompanied by eye-catching visuals that catch people’s attention while they are browsing.

At prism Marketing, our brave team of graphics designers understands your need of standing out on social media with visual content that attracts audiences to your brand and business. That is why we exist to help you achieve the utmost success for your social media marketing needs.

Webinar Content

Webinars enable you to develop a more personal connection with your audience and address their concerns – on a large scale. You can even do this while sleeping in the case of automatic webinars.

For that case, Prism marketing will get you all this sorted by offering you the greatest webinar marketing systems to help you launch your own webinar campaign.
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Newsletter Content

We believe that it is crucial to study in detail and gather the critical information about a business’ target market behavior and trends beforehand to enable informed decision making about target markets and customers. Prism undertakes the market research process through interactive engagement tools to gather specific information on audience behavior, needs, competition and positioning to provide relevant interpretations of the market.

Animation Content

Whether you’re creating a presentation or a social media post, video and animation are powerful ways to tell your business story. However, not every business organization has in-house multimedia capabilities. Prism marketing will concept, write, and produce content that will help you capture the attention of your target audiences, from sweeping cinematography vision to custom video and animation services. Our comprehensive video production services include the following:

Capability Videos
Capability Videos
Explainer Videos
Interactive infographics
Logo Animations
Slideshow videos
Spokesperson videos
Intros & Outos Videos