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Business Development

Business Development Services in Uganda

All sizes of businesses deserve structured but relentless pursuit of opportunities. Prism’s illustrious experience in business development for start-ups and established businesses enables us to have a unique ability to identify new markets, calculatingly allocate available resources, cultivate important relationships, reel in new audiences and increase market share for your business hence increasing profitability.

Customer Acquisition

Prism combines the skill of persuasion and engagement with new perspectives and approaches that help businesses identify new market segments and eventually customers. 

We empower your brand experience, amplifying its connectivity to the consumer to drive and convert sales through various tested campaigns.
Business Development in Uganda


Recognizing that no sale is too small to ignore, we create a robust sales strategy that is attentive to the customer and their needs identified during the prospecting process. Prism combines the following sales components enabling businesses to meet their sales targets and guarantee profitability.


Our job is to fully understand the product and amplify its potential in the marketplace for maximum profitability. We ensure that your products are in the right place at the right time, in the right quantity at the right price.

Business development services in Uganda

Sales Out Sourcing

Prism marketing acts as an outsourced sales team and we close the sale for your company. Through our knack for building long-term relationships, we offer our partners reliable and high-quality partnerships that contribute to the growth of their businesses. 

In a world of specialization, outsourcing the sale component benefits your business through high ROI at low risk. Don’t forget the added value of freeing up resources to focus on what you do best.

Sales Strategy Consulting

We believe the bedrock for a well-integrated and successful result-oriented sales campaign is a powerful sales strategy. Aligning goals, plans, resources, and a sales team to execute and deliver intended results requires expertise, market knowledge, tenacity, teamwork, and a flexible mindset- qualities that the prism team has harnessed over the years.

Tele Marketing

Fully appreciating the changing dynamics of business today, soliciting prospective customers via different tele(comms) channels is crucial for business. 

We identify and contact prospective customers through a combination of aggressive cold calling, emailing, and web conferencing.

Market Research

We believe that it is crucial to study in detail and gather the critical information about a business’ target market behavior and trends beforehand to enable informed decision making about target markets and customers. Prism undertakes the market research process through interactive engagement tools to gather specific information on audience behavior, needs, competition and positioning to provide relevant interpretations of the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your business development focus Key areas?
What are your business development focus Key areas?
What are your business development focus Key areas?